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Industrial instrumentation

We supply instrumentation and measurement and control systems for industrial and research facilities, with the help of our technical department to aid our customers in selecting the best option for their process.

Scientific instrumentation

We supply instrumentation for high energy physics research, being the exclusive distributors of CAEN for Spain among other reference manufacturers. We work hand in hand with research centers and universities to locate, specify and supply critical equipment and components for their research.

Electric heat tracing

Electrical heat tracing technology tries to address the temperature control and stabilization needs, not just for process equipment such as vessels or reactors, but also for intermediate components like pipes, valves and instruments. Stands out as a clean and efficient system when compared to other technologies, specially when complemented with a tailored timing and temperature control.

We supply full electrical tracing systems, from design up to installation and commissioning, including the specific heat tracing equipment (cables, powre sources, etc..) but also any associated equipment such as control, data acquisition and integration with any pre-existing plant control systems.