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We are exclusive distributors for Spain of CAEN SpA, the only company in the world capable of supplying a complete range of high and low voltage power supply systems and front-end data acquisition modules that meet IEEE standards for nuclear and particle physics.

Their extensive research and development capabilities have enabled them to develop an important role in this field, in which they have always been at the forefront. Their products attract a wide range of customers, including engineers, scientists and technical professionals, who rely on their products to achieve their goals with the highest quality and efficiency.

Micron Semiconductor is one of the leading Silicon and diamond detectors manufacturers for the high energy physics, space research, nuclear and medical markets, and has a dedicated OEM product line. They specialize in the custom fabrication of single and dual-channel AC and DC silicon detectors, as well as polycrystalline and monocrystalline diamond detectors.


SCIONIX manufactures equipment and components for radiation detection instruments using crystals and scintillation materials. Its product range includes scintillation detection instruments with associated input electronics often incorporated in the detector assembly. They are noted for their rapid interaction with new scientific developments in materials and detection techniques and a close relationship with the end users of their products.

HiTech Global, LLC. Based in San Jose, California, its products include IP cores, Xilinx, AMD and Intel FPGA-based prototyping and evaluation boards, application-specific modules (for DSP, video processing, …), dedicated power systems and custom manufacturing. It complements its product portfolio with FPGA, ASIC, SoC and PCB design services.